Director: Gugi van der Velden
Producer: Floris Loeff
Camera: Danny Noordanus
Sound: Thijmen van der Poll

Editing: Gugi van Der Velden, Alex Goekijan and Manuel RomBley

music by Rina Mushonga and            Kondi Band



Big Wata (The Ocean) is a documentary about the first and only surf club in Sierra Leone.

During the Ebola outbreak the younger members of a West African fishing community discover surfing as their identity and purpose in life. 

Wanting to break free from the restrictions of a traditional community a suspended surf club member embarks on a journey. Only to return with a new found appreciation for the place he so badly wanted to leave.

Big Wata is a positive story from Africa. The film shows the diversity and resilience of West Africa, and how a dream can bring light in an otherwise dark time. Universal themes that people from all walks of life can relate to.

Big Wata is the feature debut of Gugi van der Velden (director) and Floris Loeff (producer).